Outdoor Studios Kent and the South East - About


Outdoor Studios CIC is a mobile resource, offering Full and Half Day and Bespoke art workshops in and around Kent, with a focus on environment. Groups benefit from the use of creativity to learn about and respond to geologically and historically rich landscapes, from forests and coasts to town and urban settings. We have experience of working in diverse settings and our workshops can be adapted to any location.

Creative workshops in the forest provide access to an experimental and safe environment for participants to learn about the forest environment through its natural materials. Groups are encouraged to explore tools and techniques through practical, hands-on experience. This is particularly valuable to those with limited access to natural environments.

Art workshops are enhanced by our artists’ knowledge of and reference to site-based contemporary art and our expertise in engaging with a wide variety of groups.

Outdoor Studios supports all levels and abilities of learning, from Early Years to Higher Education. Evidence-based evaluation of our art workshops and projects are an important part of our offer.

Outdoor Studios CIC was formed as a collective in 2016. Our artists wanted to continue the provision of artist-led Arts workshops in Kent after the closure of Stour Valley Arts and its education programme in March 2015. Examples of our artists’ work and experience can be seen in our Portfolio.

“Two of our students, who struggle to focus for pro-longed periods of time and will often disengage in centre, were fully engaged throughout the excursion and expressed great happiness throughout the day.They were far more relaxed and engaged during our trip to Brockhill and were very complementary towards the artist and the experience. They were confident and positive and enjoyed various elements, in particular the freedom to venture in the forest and learn about forestry”. Enterprise Learning Alliance, Margate

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