Outdoor Studios Kent and the South East - Curriculum


Outdoor Studios art workshops are an ideal way to creatively support the National Curriculum. Outdoor Studios works with groups in all Key Stages and abilities, and can offer support in specific areas. Here are a few ideas about how this might work.

“The visits went above and beyond our expectations. The level of learning and enrichment opportunities for the children was outstanding. Not only did it improve their artistic skills, we witnessed children grow in confidence, teamwork and communication skills. The days provided opportunities and experiences that many of our children would never have the opportunity to discover because of their backgrounds and social situations.”  Greenfields Community Primary School, Maidstone

Speech and Language: Through following and giving verbal instruction, listening and asking questions
Reading: Through research about arts and the environment
Writing: Through recounting a trip, recalling instructions, explanatory directions, adding captions to photographs, Imagined stories.

Position and Direction in the landscape/environment
Measures, including Time, Distance, Temperature

Living Things and Habitats: Looking at things that are living, dead, and never alive.
Explore how plants and animals depend on habitats
Name plants and animals
Compare and group materials in an environment
Look at changing states of materials
Light: Sources, reflections, shadows and darkness

Location and Knowledge: Name, locate, and identify characteristics of a given area
Place knowledge: Understanding human and physical geography of a small area
Mapping Skills: Describe features, including how an area changes over time
Weather: Understanding seasonal and daily weather patterns

Exploring significant historical events, people and places in their own area
Timelines and awareness of influence on modern life in a given environment

Landscape Art, environmental art, Photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, and much more

Physical Education:

Developing movement in an outdoor space
Playing games in an open space

Developing Instruments
Exploring sound in the environment

SMSC (Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural) Principles:

Encourage the development of learners ideas and reflection on process and outcomes
Respect for others needs and interests through group work and collaboration
Development of confidence and team-working skills
Increased knowledge of cultural imagery and language through participation and reflective working