Bees for Early Years

Ages: Early Years

Suggested Group size: 10 children and their parents/ carers

Preparation Time: Approx. 15 minutes to gather materials together

Time needed for activity: 75-90 minutes

Suggested Location: Home & garden or other outside location where you might find bees


Suggested price: £5.00

Minimum price: £5.00



About the Experience:

This explorative and creative adventure with Outdoor Studio’s artist Gemma Gottelier is your guide to finding out about the amazing world of Bees. Watch footage of bees in action; learn about them through dance, rhythm & movement and forage and make in this informative and interactive session for Early Learners.

Materials List:

  • Foraged plants (collected during the session)
  • Matchbox or other small cardboard box
  • Glue
  • Pestle & mortar or a rolling pin and bowl
  • Paintbrush
  • A little water (possibly – to add to plant pigment you may create)
  • Clay or other modelling material

Learning aims:

  • Creatively and mindfully explore the amazing life of bees
  • Discover the significance of bees for sustainability
  • Appreciate bees and our role in looking after them

In your Zip File you will find:

  • This Outline Document
  • An Adobe Spark page Link All about Bees with interactive suggestions

About the Outdoor Studios Artist:

Gemma loves running bee-inspired sessions and working with wax. She’s gained knowledge, skills and techniques principally through working at the Museum of the Home in London, where beekeepers often house their bees in the Museum gardens during the summer months. Gemma leads bee sessions with a range of audiences of all ages and is particularly passionate about working with Early Years’ groups. Alongside her work as an arts educator, Gemma also sells her own hand-rolled beeswax candles.

For more information about Gemma please see her profile on the Outdoor Studios web site:

If you would like Gemma to facilitate a workshop for you in person, please Contact Outdoor Studios