One Tree for One Year

Ages: 5-7 to adult including SEN

Suggested Group size: Any – A solo or group activity

Preparation Time: Half an hour

Time needed for activity: 1 hour per workshop (x6)

Suggested Location: Street, school grounds, park, woodland, or viewed through your window

Suggested price: £15.00

Minimum price: £5.00



About the Experience:

Learn about your local environment with the help of a single tree! Follow a series of six creative activities to explore the life of a tree. Observational drawing, photography, collection, identification, natural ink making, and creative installations using natural materials all contribute to knowledge of the tree as a rich natural habitat throughout the year.

Materials List:

This varies and is included in each activity PDF.

  • Note book pencil phone for photo video sound
  • Maps of local area
  • Paper bags to collect seeds and leaves
  • Identification books
  • Watercolour Paper, ink, stick, pen
  • Paper
  • Paper for pressing leaves
  • Plant press or heavy books
  • Rolling Pin
  • Jam Jars
  • Rainwater
  • Rusty Iron nails
  • Labels
  • Identification books on bugs, birds, and mammals
  • Tape Measure

Learning aims:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of local environment and history.
  • Observational skills
  • Drawing and use of descriptive language
  • Note taking and research skills
  • Exploring language to describe local distinctiveness
  • Develop research and enquiry skills through Collection and creation of objects
  • Develop identifying and classifying skills
  • Participate in debate and discussion
  • Understanding of seasonal change and trees adaption to winter months
  • Know the chemical reaction of two materials that produce ink
  • Introduction to history of pigments and inks
  • Understand the role of trees as a habitat for mammals, insects, and birds
  • Understanding tree time measured by seasons

What you will find in your Zip File:

  • One Tree Resource PDF
  • Six Activity Outline PDF Files
  • Adobe Spark Presentation Link

About the Outdoor Studios Artist:

Martin has thirty years of experience with site specific theatre group Welfare State International. He has created artworks throughout the British Isles on beaches, in woodlands, city centres and galleries, including the building and firing of sculptural kilns at Tate Modern, National Theatre and for the Gold medal winning potters garden at Chelsea. Martin has fifteen years of experience working with Stour Valley Arts, maintaining the sculptures in the forest and working as workshop leader and educator. BA Hons in Three Dimensional Design Ceramics; P.G.C.E Art and Design; Artsmark Award; Arts Award

If you would like Martin to facilitate a workshop for you in person, please Contact Outdoor Studios