Taking a Line for a Walk

Ages: Primary age to adult

Suggested Group size: Any – A solo or group activity

Preparation Time: Half hour max

Time needed for activity: Approx 2 hours but very flexible

Suggested Location:  Any accessible rural, urban, or coastal location


Suggested price: £5.00

Minimum price: £5.00



About the Experience:

Experience and record the landscape through walking and sensory awareness. You will build up 
a unique piece of art in the form of
a visual journal of observations. The experience of the walk will be captured through mark-making, 
texture, colour, images and text notations of feelings and thoughts.

Materials List:

  • Soft backed sketch books A6+ (bought or homemade)
  • range of drawing/painting implements
  • charcoal
  • lead pencils
  • inks
  • soft pastels
  • water colours
  • homemade natural inks and paints.

Learning aims:

Suggested Curriculum Links that might be covered in English, Art & Design, Geography, Physical Education

  • KS1&2: Writing – transcription; composition; vocabulary, grammar & punctuation.
  • KS3&4: Writing, grammar & vocabulary, spoken English.
Art & Design
  • KS1: Explore materials, mediums & techniques to share ideas, experiences & imagination.
  • KS2: Develop techniques – control & use of materials; creativity, experimentation, awareness of different kinds of art & craft forms.
  • KS3: Develop creativity & ideas; increase proficiency in execution. Form a critical understanding of artists/designers, & express reasoned judgements that informs own work.
  • KS1&2: Knowledge of the world; locational & place knowledge; human & physical geography; geographical skills (navigation, mapping) & fieldwork (observational, measuring & recording).
  • KS3: Human geography (population & urbanisation,
economic activity, use of natural materials) & physical geography (geological timescales, weather & climate, hydrology & coasts) & the interaction of human & physical processes on the landscape & natural systems.
Physical Education
  • KS1: Develop fundamental movement skills. Engage in co-operative physical activities in a range of increasingly challenging situations.
  • KS2: Continue to develop a broader range of movement skills. Develop an understanding of how to improve in a physical activity, learning how to evaluate & recognise own success.
  • KS3&4: Take part in outdoor & adventurous activities which present intellectual & physical challenges & be encouraged to work in a team, building on trust. Develop skills to solve problems, either individually or as a group.

What you will find in your Zip File:

  • This Outline Document.
  • PDF File including Overview, Description, Sensory Exercises, Teaching Resources, and Health and Safety considerations.

About the Outdoor Studios Artist:

Andy works across the fields of Architecture and Landscape, as a designer, artist and educator. He studied Architecture at Manchester Metro University, followed by a post graduate diploma at KIAD Canterbury, which led to 10 years of working within the profession. With a strong interest in the landscape his professional practise has since focused on ‘place making’ projects, working with both urban and natural environments. As an educator, his emphasis is on engaging people in the landscape through ‘hands-on’ art and design exploratory experiences.


If you would like Andy to facilitate a workshop for you in person, please Contact Outdoor Studios