Conningbrook Lakes Country Park – Clay Vessel workshop

Date: 9th August 2022

Location: Conningbrook Lakes, Ashford, Kent

Funded By: Chartway Group, Ashford Borough Council, Latimer, Conningbrook Lakes, Westerhill Homes

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Artist Sara Trillo led a group of Givaudan Factory staff who work in the vicinity of the Lakes country park, exploring creating clay vessels and containers with found materials.

“Everyone just got completely into a world of their own, making vessels and artefacts inspired by lakeside material but also by shared work experiences. I thought it was great how bonded they all were as a group , even though they worked in different departments, and how shared experiences inspired outcomes: e.g. a work trip to Budapest inspired vessels decorated like a particular Hungarian bread/pastry, and clay toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes were made by toothpaste fragrance researchers. The lakeside foliage did inspire work, as in some floral tiles or the meticulous modelling of hawthorn … I was amazed at how productive and absorbed everyone was in such intense heat.  There were some excellent outcomes, and I think everyone was delighted by what they have produced, so much so that I am getting the outcomes fired for the group. Several people took clay back with them to experiment with at home. They all referred to how therapeutic it felt handling clay, and how they hoped Givaudan would facilitate more workshops like this. I really enjoyed working with the group – having eleven participants meant I had enough time to give one to one input to each person in turn and form a connection with them, which isn’t always possible with larger numbers.” Sara Trillo

“We had a fantastic time on Tuesday.  We have had such positive feedback from all the participants.  Sara was brilliant and we were able to go at our own pace which made for a mindful and enjoyable morning.” Givaudan team.