Conningbrook Lakes Country Park – Flora & Fauna workshop

Date: 15th September 2022

Location: Conningbrook Lakes, Ashford, Kent

Funded By: Chartway Group, Ashford Borough Council, Latimer, Conningbrook Lakes, Westerhill Homes

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Outdoor Studios were delighted to host the Ashford branch of the Headway East charity, who rehabilitate adults with acquired, traumatic and congenital brain injury whilst offering Carers’ Support service to their families and carers. Artist Laura Thomas led the group on a printmaking session on the shores of the Conningbrook Lakes country park, exploring mono and sun printing using natural items collected from the surrounding lake environment. These printing techniques are simple but effective and ideally suited to different levels of sensory impairment.

“We had a great time with Laura. It was a beautiful day by the lake.  Laura was very patient with my clients and gave them all a lot of time individually. The clients were initially hesitant but once they understood what they were doing they became very creative!” Facilitator, Headway East – Ashford