Leeds Castle Festival of Art & Design – family workshops

Date: 16th & 17th September 2023

Location: Leeds Castle, Kent

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To celebrate the Leeds Castle estate during their Festival of Craft & Design, artists Gemma Gottelier, Andy Evans and Laura Thomas invited visitors to the castle to get up close and personal with the natural forms and textures across the spectacular grounds.

On Saturday the 16th Gemma Gottelier led a clay based activity, creating flowers, birds and insects – rolling, cutting and adding natural materials, such as petals, leaves and sticks, to create markings, features and feathers, and Andy Evans curated 2D and 3D twig sculptures focusing on plants, birds, insects and native animals to the Leeds Castle estate. Gemma returned for a second day onĀ  Sunday the 17th September alongside Laura Thomas, who led a nature rubbings session using gelli printing techniques to create images from leaves, bark and natural materials.

We were one of the first groups to arrive today and will be one of the last to leave! We’re really enjoying all of the great art here” – Grandmother, mother and daughter.

We came here yesterday but didn’t manage to find all the art on display, so we came back today to see the rest” – Mother and son.

I’m loving this, can I come back and make something else?” – Max (who made a dragonfly), and his carer.