Outdoor Aviary – Great Big Green Week family workshop

Date: September 26th 2021

Location: Faversham Recreation Ground

Funded By: Swale Borough Council

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A drop in, creative family event led by Martin Brockman and Amanda Thesiger for Swale Great big Green Week, drawing attention to the Climate Crisis and how it is affecting our native bird population. Inspired by the bird species found in and around Kent, participants enjoyed collaborative collaging, frottaging, and drawing with natural inks made from items found in the park, creating a range of unique birds; and making bird sculptures using withy and willow sticks and branches. Once completed, the birds found homes in the trees and bushes within the park, remaining in situ for future visitors to spot and enjoy, before eventually being reclaimed by nature….

“My daughter and I had a lovely time and it was so good to create together outside! Thanks to Martin’s brilliant wood working skills and Amanda’s excellent art ideas and all the equipment any small budding artist could need to create. A perfect Sunday afternoon for me. My daughter and I enjoy creating art together and it was so nice to do it among the lady birds, beetles and whatever that strange caterpillar was. You guys do sterling work.”

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