Victoria Park Ashford – Ashford Young Carers Eco Accessories

Date: June 1st

Location: Victoria Park, Ashford

Funded By: Kent Community Foundation Environmental Funding (Frank Brake Charitable Trust)

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Artist Gemma Gottlier led a bespoke joint session with Andy Evans at Victoria Park Ashford for the Ashford Young Carers group. Fourteen young carers attended (a mix of boys and girls) aged between 8-13 years old.

Taking inspiration from the plants in Victoria Park the group finely paint onto wooden shapes & create accessories such as jewellery, a key ring or bag tags; making a book marks for their favourite book, a gift, or other creative ideas for their mini wooden painting. Young makers could wear or use their miniature hand-painted, nature-inspired masterpieces with pride, reminding them of their Victoria Park experience and their exploration of plants & their importance for sustainability.

The group foraged in the park for inspiration, made detailed botanical drawings, and painted onto small wooden shapes with fine paintbrushes to create an item to wear or use.

None of the participants knew each other beforehand but it didn’t take long before everyone settled in, getting to know each other, dropping inhibitions and working really creatively together.

“We had a lovely day, thank you! The young carers really enjoyed themselves and all got stuck in with both activities (sand art and keyring making). It was great to see them all get stuck in and show their creativity.” Group leader

This workshop was funded by the Kent Community Foundation Frank Brake Fund & supported by the Victoria Park Project.

Images by Gemma Gottelier.