Water Land – 1st Milton Regis Beavers, Milton Creek Country Park

Date: 22nd September 2023

Location: Milton Creek Country Park, Sittingbourne

Funded By: Raybel Charters

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Amanda Thesiger led the First Milton Regis Beavers in a creative session at Milton Creek Country Park as part of ‘Water Land’, a project with Raybel charters, exploring the connection to water in and around Sittingbourne, past and present, and ways to a cleaner, healthier environment in the future.

The Beavers created a collaged seagrass meadow. These underwater meadows absorb carbon 35 x faster than rainforests, filter pollution out and provide vital nursery homes for young for species like seahorses, cod and plaice, cuttlefish and more. The finished banner will be displayed on Saturday 30th September at the Science Citizen event.

Water Land also celebrated sculpture commissions by Martin Brockman made from sustainably sourced oak and chestnut timbers grown in the South East of England, which will be soon installed in the park. The project is being co-commission by Ideas Test and Creative Estuary with funding from the Arts Council and Crowd Fund Kent.  Designs and ideas from the community workshops will be incorporated into the final design.