Water Land – Newington Primary cyanotype workshop

Date: 28th November 2023

Location: Newington Primary school, Sittingbourne

Funded By: Raybel Charters

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Led by artist and photographer Laura Thomas, 30 Year 3 pupils from Newington Primary school in Sittingbourne explored cyanotype and mono printing on paper and fabric to create collage images focusing on the history of Milton Creek and its changing landscape. Images of the wildlife living in the area were used and drawn alongside foraged foliage from the park. Cyanotype printing is a quick activity and very accessible to all with great results just using water in the process.

Laura Thomas: I really wanted to inform the group about the species who can be found at Milton Creek and how their habitats are part of the ecology of the area, whilst also looking at how the rising sea levels could affect the future of the area. We also talked about the history of the Raybel and how and why it is being restored, this led to discussions around climate change and what we can do to help.  With all this in mind we looked at a lot of images linked to the creek, the species found there and the Raybel, the children then drew their own inspired by the images and the discussions we’d had.  These were copied onto tracing paper and used to create cyanotypes which were then displayed in the classroom. The main feedback from talking to the children was that they had learnt about the species that they hadn’t heard of before and now know live at Milton Creek and how climate change could affect the area in the future.

 “I learned about the big tall bird called the Egret”

“I learned that the boat the Raybel is local to us and we can visit it”

“It was amazing how the drawing transferred”

“It was fun to draw the animals”

“I liked the challenge of drawing”

“I’d not heard of the dogfish before”