Wealden Literary Festival 23 – family workshops

Date: 24th & 25th June

Location: Boldshaves Garden

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Outdoor Studios returned to the wonderful Wealden Litfest this June, running a series of family workshops in a forested area of the site over the course of the weekend.

Bird Sculptures (Martin Brockman)

Children’s arts & crafts session. Using foraged and recycled materials, participants learned how to create and decorate bird sculptures inspired by children’s literature, and explore native bird species found in our woodlands and gardens.

Wild Weaving (Gemma Gottelier)

Family makers explored the wild and wooded grounds, foraging for stick looms and natural materials for their weaves. They used colourful wools and plants, interwoven with recycled fabric strips and ribbons, which they printed onto with the petals and leaves they collected, to create a beautiful weave to decorate their home.

Surrounded by their wonderful weaves, weavers listened to a nature-inspired story read by Gemma.

Book Binding (Hope Fitzgerald)

Books were made using Cyanotype designed paper created from Specimens collected at Boldshaves. Each participant left the workshop with a hand-sewn book and folded handout.

Drawing Trees (Amanda Thesiger)

Arts & crafts session. An exploratory, mindful and hands-on workshop practicing how to draw trees from different angles and distances. From quick preparatory sketches to close studies of the miraculous tones, textures, patterns and structures of trees, participants learnt different drawing methods to create the different parts of a tree through a variety of media.

Seed Paper Making (Laura Thomas)

In this arts & crafts workshops for children and families, participants learned about the processes used in paper making and then created their own sheets of paper using a deckle and mould and pulp made from recycled paper, embedding seeds into the sheet created. The handmade paper can be turned into gifts or planted to add flora to your own garden.