Wealden Literary Festival – family workshops

Date: 25th & 26th June 2022

Location: Boldshaves Garden

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Outdoor Studios made their debut at the fantastic Wealden Litfest this June as part of the festival programming, running a series of well attended family workshops in a forested area of the site over the course of the weekend.

Clay Creatures workshop (Gemma Gottelier)

Explore the environment of the festival site  and it’s abundant wildlife, using clay & foraged materials to create a creature & a natural home for it to live in. Listen to a lovely story.

Wheelbarrow Kiln workshop (Martin Brockman)

Using a locally dug clay, explore the shapes and patterns and textures to be found in the leaves of the festival site. Make a series of small clay objects based on what you see. 

Nature Treasure Book workshop (Hope Fitzgerald)

Take a single piece of paper and make a pocket accordion book to hold tiny natural treasures you’ve foraged from the festival site.  Store all your natural collections in a single page folded into clever pockets..

Natural Ink Making workshop (Amanda Thesiger)

Explore ink-making with ingredients from the Kent countryside and festival site. Connect with nature and your own creative energies!

Wild Printing workshop (Laura Thomas)

Spend time discovering the flora and fauna found in different areas of the festival site and forage for natural materials to create beautiful and delicate prints with. 


Today I learnt how to make inks from natural materials with Outdoor Studios at the Wealden Litfest. It was fun and cool..”

Had a lovely time this weekend at Wealden Litfest first with an incredible natural ink making workshop with Amanda Thesiger..”