Winged Wonders – family workshop, Oare Gunpowder Works

Date: July 29th 2021

Location: Oare Gunpowder Works

Funded By: Queenborough Fishery Trust

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Led by artist Gemma Gottelier, families found inspiration in the beautiful dragonflies & butterflies found at Oare Gunpowder Works, their habitats and the flowers they love; exploring the historic site using all their senses to fully experience the surroundings, and spot wonderful winged creatures! Children chose and picked leaves and petals to form the markings of a dragonfly or butterfly, using other found materials for body parts and then printing with the foraged plants. The workshop concluded with everyone listening to a beautiful butterfly story….

“Brilliant fun! We’re going to try this technique again at home!”

“Quality of leadership was excellent.”

“I loved it!” Theo, 5