Outdoor Studios Kent and the South East - Six Ways to Wellbeing

Six Ways to Wellbeing

Six Ways to Wellbeing is Kent County Council’s simple, enjoyable campaign that suggests six easy ways to promote good mental health. Taking part in Outdoor Studios Art Workshops in Kent is a great way to achieve all six of these excellent recommendations.

‘I never realised you could make ink from acorns.” pupil, East Borough Primary School, Maidstone


Be Active ~ Spending time outdoors walking, looking, and reflecting on experience promotes well being while supporting learning.

Keep Learning ~ Learning about the environment is fun in an Outdoor Studios art workshop. Learners are encouraged to be observant about their surroundings, understand and identify plants, species, materials and properties of the natural environment.

Give ~ Outdoor Studios encourage caring for the natural world and consideration for all participants in the art workshop setting. Investing time in a specific place results in a sense of achievement, increased self-esteem, and pride of place.

~ Learning relies on collaboration and encourages supportive connections within working groups.

Take Notice ~ Outdoor Studios art workshops encourage curiosity, experimentation, questions, and reflection. Developing an awareness of the world around us and what it makes us feel is an important part of our work.

Care for the Planet
~ Time spent working with Outdoor Studios can promote awareness, respect, and understanding of wild spaces and wildlife, and the effects of human impact on our environment. Outdoor Studios art workshops encourage the resourceful and sensitive use of humble materials.