Outdoor Studios Kent and the South East - Workshop Charges

Workshop Charges

How much do Outdoor Studios Arts workshops cost?

Outdoor Studios workshop rates start at £300 for a half day and £450 for a full day, for Kent and Sussex schools, working with one artist. There is an attendant cost if an additional artist is required due to group size or use of specialist tools. Planning time, materials, the nature of the activity, and distance will also affect costings. Please use our Enquiries Form for a bespoke quote to suit the specifics of your event, and group.

How many people can we have in our group?

To ensure the best creative learning experience, Outdoor Studios arts workshops delivered by a single artist are designed for a maximum of 30 people. Outdoor Studios artists are available to support larger numbers so group sizes can be flexible. Some groups working with specialist tools will need to work in a smaller group member to artist ratio for safety reasons. We are flexible, so get in touch with us to see how we can work with you.

Please see the Curriculum section for further details and suggestions on planning a workshop or creative session.